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Fire & Gas Detection Safety Devices: Importance of quality, longevity and understanding of risks

The inherent risk in using low-quality, cheap or used detectors without reliable checks and process, poses a undeniable threat to the safety and life of ship/rig staff

As global trade increases and focus on LNG carriers, Oil exploration & Complex Chemical Tankers increases, the need for high-quality and reliable fire & gas detection devices should be prioritised by owners and managers of vessels/rigs/industrial plants.

As many gases are colourless, odourless and undetectable by the human senses, staff in the workplace need to be provided with sensitive instruments that are capable of reliably cautioning them in times of leaks when dealing with toxic or hazardous chemicals. Shivtech has always prioritised the safety of seafarers and industrial workers, providing them with the best quality of reliable gas detections devices, reliable calibration services and the best brands for sensitive measurement.

Shivtech has partnered with Dräger to provide the industry with class-leading fire & gas detection devices, that provide an unmatchable level of reliability and usage life to users and cater to the widest range of chemical sensors as required. Shivtech hopes to improve the focus and importance given to gas detection applications in developing markets of the India subcontinent and focus on life saving equipment.


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