Repairs & Maintenance are the key to economic sustenance of costly systems and equipment used in Marine/Offshore/Industrial units. To create maximum value for our customers, our professional team of experts undertake repair & retrofit requests for a range of systems and devices including PCBs, PLCs, Automation & Control Systems and Panels, VHF/UHF Radios, 15PPM Bilge Alarm Monitors, SCADA systems, UPS’s, and a whole lot more.




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Computer Repair


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Automation & Control Systems

  • Main Engine Maneuvering Systems

  • Diesel Generator Control Systems

  • Oily Water Separation Control systems

  • Oil Purifier Control systems

  • PLC’s & PCB's

  • Boiler Combustion Control Systems

  • Viscotherms

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Hydraulic Valve Control Systems 

  • Complete Process Control Systems

  • Cathodic Protection Unit

  • Polarity Switches, MIPEG Cards

  • SCR Stack


Sensors & Measuring Equipments

  • Pressure Gauges, Megger (Insulation Tester)

  • Flowmeter, Kilowatt Meter

  • Float Switch, Limit Switch

  • Switchgear- Power Breakers

  • Load Cell

Power Supply & Battery Chargers

  • Various Power Packs

  • UPS

  • DC Power Supply Units

  • Battery Charger’s

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Navigation & Communication

  • Autopilot

  • I.S telephone systems

  • Various P.A systems.

  • Navigation light panels

  • Master Clock systems.

  • VHF & UHF Radios

  • Fog Horns, Barometer

Oil in Water Monitoring Systems

  • Oil Monitoring  and Discharge Control systems

  • Bilge Monitoring System

  • 15 PPM Monitors for Oil /Water separators.

  • Anti-Tricking Panel


Performance Monitoring Systems

  • SCADA systems

  • Central Monitoring and Alarm systems

  • Woodward Governors

  • Oil Mist Detectors for diesel engines 

  • Monitor’s (Display Units )

Fire & Safety

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Gas Monitoring systems (fixed and portable)

  • Multi-Gas Detectors

  • Sound Level Meters

  • CCTV Monitors

  • Testing SCBA Sets


Sensors & Measuring Equipments

  • Electronic Transmitters – Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, Gas etc.

  • Pneumatic Transmitters– Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, Gas etc.

  • Tank Gauging systems

  • Ullage Temperature Interface (UTI) Tapes

  • Tachometers – Electronic type.

Electrical Panels

  • Distribution Boards

  • Switchboards

  • Starter & Control Panels

  • Emergency Switchboards

Pneumatic Controllers, Positioners and Valves 

  • Pump Filters renewals