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Your Reliable Partner for Fuel Monitoring & Operating Efficiency Optimisation 

Technoton was established in April 2000, at the early stage of emerging market of automotive telematics and GPS tracking systems. They started with development and manufacture of GPS tracking devices, fuel level sensors and fuel flow meters. Soon they focused on solving tasks of fuel consumption measurement and fuel usage monitoring, safe CANbus data reading and analysis.


Their mission is to increase efficiency of vehicles’ and machinery operation on the background of growing fuel costs and maintenance expenses, growing complexity of automotive design and operation conditions. To accomplish that, they develop, manufacture and integrate fuel monitoring and vehicle performance tracking solutions.

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We have partnered with Technoton JV (Minsk, Belarus), to bring Fuel Level & Efficiency Monitoring Solutions to the Indian Subcontinent.


With a goal to reduce carbon emissions from the Shipping industry, we will strive to modernise & optimise fuel-consumption monitoring in vessels through our Flowmeters, Level Sensors, and softwares. We will also aim to deliver economical cost savings through lower fuel consumption in managed vessels.

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