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Why did Deckma Hamburg GmbH need a New Calibration Certificate?

Deckma has observed numerous Calibration Certificates being issued by unauthorised vendors for Deckma 15PPM Oil in Water Monitors. Due to such Certificates from unauthorised vendors. The vessels then undergo costly delays when the surveyors find the certificates to be invalid besides voiding the 15 PPM cells.

These steps has recently been initiated by Deckma Hamburg GmbH starting from 22nd Dec 2023.

Deckma Calibration Certificate

Why this new certificate matters ?

  1. Survey:The new format of the calibration certificate helps the surveyor to just scan the QR code and get all the details to check the validity of the certificate. It also saves time of both the vessel and the surveyor.

  2. Economical:  This change in the certificate helps vessel owners/managers save a lot money by not getting their Deckma 15 PPM unit calibrated through unauthorised  agents.

  3. Genuity & Validity: This is in view showing the validity (including the expiry) and genuineness of the certificate - to prevent any unauthorised vendors to issue the non-valid certificate.

  4. Reliability: Deckma Hamburg GmbH has introduced a QR code in their calibration of 15ppm certificate - traceable directly to their official portal.

Features of new certificate:

  • QR code on the certificate to check its validity and genuinity.

  • Measuring Cell number is present on the certificate.

  • Deckma Calibration fluid batch number is present on the calibration certificate.

  • Name of the technician is also present on the certificate.

  • Calibration check date along with IMO number is present on the certificate.


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