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Silster 168 : Fresh Water Silver Ion Sterilizer

Silster 168 : Fresh Water Silver Ion Sterilizer

  • The Fresh Water Silver Ion Sterilizer type SILSTER 168 is based on a well proven method used for ages.
  • Using silver ions for disinfection is completely harmless to humans, meeting the requirements of European Community directive 80/778/EEC.  
  • The SILSTER 168 automatically sterilizes the water of the fresh water holding tank with no need for crew interaction and practically no maintenance need.
  • Also bunkered water can be sterilized without manual setting of current and time.
  • The long lasting sterilizing effect of the silver ions combined with the fact that it doesn’t change the taste, smell or colour of the water makes it ideal for a number of applications.
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  • Technical Features

    • Capacity up to 240 m3/day with 0.1 ppm silver ion concentration
    • Silver ion concentration within requirements of EC directive 80/778/EEC
    • Dual smart inputs for water maker status or flow meters
    • Automatic disinfection of bunkered water, no time & current setting needed
    • User interface with LCD display and keypad
    • Relay outputs for function alarm and valve control
    • Power supply 85VAC … 285VAC
    • Electrode life time 2500 m3 (with 0.1 ppm silver ion concentration)
    •  Detachable instrument panel for flexible installation
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