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Riken Keiki RX- 8700 : Single- gas Detector

Riken Keiki RX- 8700 : Single- gas Detector

  • The RX-8700 series portable gas monitors are designed to meet the requirements of the marine market for testing of cargoes and confined spaces for hydrocarbon and oxygen content. 
  • These models provide real time detection of hydrocarbons and methane up to 100 % volume, with the gas reading automatically ranging up  and down from % LEL to % volume as the concentration changes.  
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  • Single gas detector, H2S Gas Detection

    • Dual range H2S, with 0 – 1,000 ppm high range
    • Auto-ranging IR HC sensor from % LEL to % Vol.
    • Inert monitoring
    • Internal sample drawing pump with 30 meter range
    • Intrinsically safe ATEX / IECEx / MED
    • IP-67
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