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Realix Multi Gas Detector Front View

RealiX Gas Max: Multi- gas Detector


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  • Product Description:

    • A rugged portable multi gas detector with a compact and affordable designed meant to withstand harsh environments.
    • Developed with User-Centered Design Process to make the device interface and handling highly intuitive.
    Display  TFT Color LCD Screen
    Sensor type Electrochemical, Catalytic
    IP Protection  IP67
    Warranty 2 Years
    Battery 1300 mAh
    Response time T90 < 30S
    Sensor Range  Methane (0-100%LEL) O2 (0-30%VOL) H2S (0-100 ppm)
    CO (0-500 ppm) NO2 (0-20 ppm) SO2 (0-20 ppm)
    CL2 (0-50/200 ppm) NH3 (0-500 ppm) H2 (0-1000 ppm)
    PH3 (0-10 ppm) ClO2 (0-50 ppm) HCN (0-50 ppm)
    O3 (0-100 ppm) HF (0-10ppm)
    Humidity range  10%-95% RH (no condensation)
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