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Fellow Kogyo : Focas 2000 - 15PPM Bilge Alarm

Fellow Kogyo : Focas 2000 - 15PPM Bilge Alarm

This product adopts an automatic operation method using sample water pressure which is matched to the operation of an oil separator or pump.

The automatic washing function of the detection unit can reduce troublesome manual washing work.

An error code indication provided at occurrence of a device fault and a stain indication of the detection unit facilitate maintenance and inspection.

For alarms, a double safety method is used.

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  • 15PPM Bilge Alarm System

    Application Bilge concentration monitor (bilge drainage)  
    Measurement Method Optical continuous measurement
    Operation Method Automatic operation using sample water pressure
    Response Time Within 5sec , comply with MEPC107(49)
    Power Supply / Power Consumption AC90 ∼ 240 V 50 ∼ 60 Hz 20 VA or less
    Measurement Range 30ppm in full scale
    Measurement Accuracy Within ± 5ppm (at 15ppm)
    Conditions on Sample Water pressure : 0.03 ∼ 0.3MPa flow rate : 0.2 ∼ 3 L /min water temperature : +2 ∼ +45°C
    Clean Water Pressure for Washing 0.03 ∼ 0.6MPa
    Material Measured and Identified light oil 10ppm in 100ppm iron oxide solution
    Battery for Clock and Lifetime Lithium battery (CR2450) about 2 years (recommended manufacturer : FDK Energy Co Ltd. Japan)
    Service Temperature* Humidity 0 ∼ 50°C 5 ∼ 90%RH no dew condensation
    Maximum Measurement Angle of Inclination Within 22.5° in each direction
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