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Crowcon : Gasman Single- gas Detector

Crowcon : Gasman Single- gas Detector

  • The Gasman is a rugged, compact single gas detector, designed for use in the toughest environments.
  • Its compact and lightweight design makes it the ideal choice for industrial gas detection, in oil and gas, chemical plants (with exotic gases), steel works (special CO sensor), hospitality (CO2), renewable energy (hydrogen) and waste and water works.
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  • Single Gas Detector

    Size 90 x 48 x 24 mm (3.5 x 1.9 x 0.95 ins)
    Weight Flammable: 138g (4.9oz)
    Toxic: 85g (3oz)
    Oxygen: 129g (4.6oz)
    Carbon monoxide: 139g (4.9oz)
    Typical response times (T90) Flammable: 20s
    Flammable (MPS): 17s
    Toxic gas: 20s
    Oxygen: 10s
    Oxygen (Long-Life): 10s
    Alarms Audible: 95dB; Multiple alarm options let you select distinctive tones for different alarm levels
    Visible: Dual colours red/ blue flashing LEDs in a gas hazard
    Internal vibrating alarm
    Display Custom LCD with backlight, with display of gas concentration. Graphic symbols for battery (with proportional indication of remaining operation time), and display mode. Start up indication when calibration is due within 30 days, calibration overdue or service required.
    Normal display: Real time gas concentration levels
    Display recall: Peak readings and TWA
    Data logging Full timed datalogging with adjustable sample rate, set to 1 min. data rate as default.
    900 hours storage at 1 min. interval (54,000 logs), >4800 events
    Battery Rechargeable lithium battery for all gas types
    Non-rechargeable lithium battery for toxics and oxygen (excluding CO2)
    Operating time* Rechargeable with MPS: >3days
    Rechargeable: 12 hours minimum for flammable unit
    Non-rechargeable: Up to 2 years
     Sampling  Optional manual aspirator
    Operating temperature** -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F)
    Humidity 5 – 95% RH
    0 to 99% RH (O2 LL MPS)
    Ingress protection IP65
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