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ODME Cleantrack 1000 B



Request for Quotation
  • Product Description:

    • The new compact CLEANTRACK 1000B enables easy installation in the hazardous cargo area also far away from the nearest non-hazardous area.
    • Basic approvals according to MEPC.108(49) as amended by MEPC.240(65)
    • Approved also for all Bio-fuel blends according to MEPC1./Circ.761 Rev.1
    • Further approved for more Bio-fuel blends as per MEPC.2/Circ.21
    • Compact and simple installation with less cabling & piping
    • No need for permanent fresh water connection
    • Easy replacement of smart measuring cell
    • Power supply 115/230VAC 1-phase and 380/440VAC 3-phase or Air supply
    • Data retrieval via LCD display, USB port, or optional printer
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