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We Design, Develop, Manufacture & Execute a whole range of Machinery Control Systems & Electrical Panels for diverse machinery types from Main Switchboard packages to Davits, Winches, and a whole lot more. We manufacture Custom Built Relay based & SCADA /PLC based Control Panels for Aux Boilers, Purifiers, D.G Sets, Main Engines, I.G Plants & Power Plants to name a few.


We manufacture these advanced technologies for the Marine, Offshore & Industrial Sectors including Ships, Rigs, Retrofit Projects, Refineries, Fertilizer/Agro facilities, Cement/Textile/Steel plants as well as specialised & custom industry applications. Our Mumbai Head Office facility provides for SCADA & Embedded Control Development, a range of Panel Building and PCB manufacturing divisions. We also have a vertically integrated interface of Electronic, Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems development setup seamlessly.





Solutions Delivered

In-House R & D

Projects Executed

Years Experience

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IMS Goa 2.png
IMS Goa 1.png

Shivtech has recently delivered a set of 5 custom-made trainers to IMS Goa for their young and upcoming Marine Engineers. The trainers include the following 5 modules: Inert Gas Plant Trainer, COPT Plant Trainer, Oily Water Separator Trainer, Integrated Pipeline Trainer and a Fuel Oil Purifying System Trainer. These trainers have been designed, developed and manufactured in-house, with customised functions based on the requirements of IMS Goa and their expected users. 

IMS Goa was recently visited by Capt Shashank Jaghirdar, Senior Head at Maersk Global, and was delighted to see the outcome of our project being showcased with pride at IMS Goa. 

Delivering Tailor-Made Innovation & Technologies

Real-Time Working Electrical Trainer Modules

We consult, design & deliver industry leading Real-Time Working Electrical Trainer Modules for Marine Engineering Systems. We have delivered world-class, custom-made trainers to some of the world's largest Shipping companies and continue to exceed our customer's expectation through our dynamic and robust trainers that create an unmatched real-world simulation for users.

Image by Olav Ahrens Røtne


We Manufacture for complete New Ship Building and Retrofits Projects

Some of the items we manufacture are as below

  • Mains / Emergency Switch Boards & Motor Starter Panels

  • Power Distribution boards, Engine Safety Panels

  • Purifiers, D.G, I.G.S Compressors & Battery Chargers

  • SCADA Systems, Level Gauging Systems 


Battery Chargers

SCADA Systems

Image by Josh Boot


Image by Markus Spiske

Mains / Emergency Switch Boards

Digital Network Cables

Power Distribution boards

Image by Peter Palmer

D.G, I.G.S Compressors

Image by Troy Bridges

Motor Starter Panels

Image by brandon patrisso

Engine Safety Panels

Image by Markus Spiske

Level Gauging Systems

For any other custom requirements, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll ensure we have a solution for you.

*Technician Rate for MBPT INR 500/Hr (for other ranks, feel free to get in touch with us)
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